TangoSafari Arezzo 2017 - the special Tangofestival in Tuscany

TangoSafari invites you to a special Tango festival in the early tuscan summer:
Discovering Tango - winding down with Pilates and Yoga
11 teachers - 60 workshops - eight days of dancing, feasting, playing and enjoying life

The program and highligths:
For eight days we will be exploring the world of Tango. A wide program of Tango- & bodywork workshops, as well as daily milongas, will be the basis for discovering and developing your dancing abilities.

Our Basecamp:
The Villa Godiola, which is located on the edge of the city of Arezzo and includes an idyllic garden, is perfect for eating, dancing and relaxing as a group. Two ballrooms, a terrace and broad meadows offer plenty of space for workshops, milongas, coffee breaks, sport and individual training. The sleeping areas are comfortable double rooms with individual bathrooms. As a cheaper option you can stay in shared rooms or sleep in your own tent.
If you are not in the mood for Tango, you can take a walk through the picturesque landscape or visit the historical city of Arezzo or make a trip to Florence which is very closeby.

The teaching team consists of:
Candela Ramos (BsAs/Madrid) & Adrián Luppi (BsAs/Madrid) - Tango
Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti (Buenos Aires) - Tango
Cécile Boucris & Pedro Ochoa (Buenos Aires) - Tango
Katharina Meier (Berlin) - Tango & Pilates
Ulrich Struhk (Berlin) - Tango

Rieke Rosenfeld (Berlin) - Feldenkrais
Cornelia Schulz - Gangart (Berlin) - Spiralmuscle training & Massage

Duration of the trip Sunday 30 April-Sunday 7 May 2017:
Festival pass (includes milongas, practicas, other cultural events): 155 €
Workshop flat rate (includes all daily workshops): 155 €
(you can choose freely from 10 workshops/day and create you personal scedule)

Board and lodging is to be payed for separately at the venue:
370 € for 7 nights in Double room with own bathroom, including brunch, afternoon coffee and dinner
340 € for 7 nights in Double room with shared bathroom, including brunch, afternoon coffee and dinner
235 € for 7 nights in dorm room or tent, including brunch, afternoon coffee and dinner

Travel costs are not included, but we are happy to help in planning your trip.

For questions turns you to us:
Katharina Meier, +49 176 61244273
Ulrich Struhk, +49 30 66779216, +49 176 96763431
Mail: info@tangosafari.de
Italy, Arezzo - Via San Fabiano 9, 52100 Arezzo, Italy
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